About the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital Foundation

Photo by Len Chevrie

The Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital (“SHMH”) opened its doors to the Pictou West community on June 1, 1966. Through the years, SHMH has seen many changes to its healthcare offerings, from its early days of outpatient clinics to maternity and delivery, to its current status housing Canadian veterans, a restorative care wing, blood collection,  and various community based services. The SHMH continues to bring quality health care to Pictou West through its commitment to excellence and the people it serves.

History of the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital Foundation

The foundation was established in 1994 to administer funds accumulated from donors over the years to support the hospital.  It became a Registered Charity on April 29, 1994 with J. Arthur MacDonald as its inaugural Chair.   Over the years, the mandate of the foundation reached beyond the hospital into the community of Pictou West. To align the activities with those required under the Charities Directorate, the Trustees rewrote the Memorandum of Association and received approval in 2022 from Revenue Canada and the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.