Scholarships – 2021 Recipients

The Foundation gives out $1,000 scholarships each year to Grade 12 and Post-Secondary Students studying in the field of Health Sciences.

For 2021/2022, the SHMH Foundation gave away 6 scholarships to students from Pictou West who demonstrated high academic achievement and commitment to the field of Health Sciences.

The winners were:

Myla Briand
Myla is from Pictou and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Acadia University. She plans to further her education she will receive in the field to expand her interests and knowledge on the subject. Myla says, “I may not know the exact answer to the age old question: what do you want to be when you grow up?, but I can say for certain I want to be able to share the education I experience and contribute to spreading mental health awareness. I eventually would like to work with the youth to help eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental health and work towards creating safe environments wherever my studies take me. Receiving the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital Foundation Scholarship has enabled me to take one step closer to my goal of continuing my education outside of High school. This scholarship contributed to a successful first year at Acadia University and I am beyond thankful to be a recipient as it has allowed me to experience a wonderful year full of education both inside and outside the classroom! Being selected for a scholarship such as the SHMHF gives me motivation, support and a sense of pride that will stay with me for the remainder of my studies.”

Sammy Daling
Sammy lives in Scotsburn and is currently studying Health Science at Dalhousie University. She is expecting to graduate in 2026 and plans on becoming a radiology technician with a degree in ultrasound technology as well.  Sammy tells us, “The SHMH Foundation  Scholarship helped me succeed because as I come from a small town, there are few opportunities to afford university without scholarships. This scholarship was extremely helpful in helping with tuition payments, as well as giving me the courage and confidence to pursue my dream job.”

Kelli MacDonald
Kelli is currently in the Nursing program at St. Francis Xavier University and expects to graduate in 2025. While she is unsure of what she wants to specialize in as a nurse, Kelli is hopeful that she will be able to find something that she really enjoys. She also knows that she wants to stay close to home and work locally, in Nova Scotia. Kelli tells us, “The Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital Foundation has played a tremendous role in funding my post secondary education and I am so thankful for the opportunity it has given me to study at StFX.

Skye MacDonald
Skye is from Scotsburn and is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Francis Xavier University. Her future goals are to work as a Registered Nurse in the Women and Children’s Unit at the Aberdeen Hospital and to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner. Skye says, “The Sutherland Harris Memorial Foundation Scholarship has helped me succeed by allowing myself to focus on striving to do my best in my studies and life at university, without having to worry as much about how I am going to pay for school. This scholarship helped take financial stress off of me which I am really grateful for!”

Abbey Munro
Abbey is from Pictou and is currently studying Biology at Acadia University, Expecting to graduate in 2025, Abbey hopes to continue her education and begin medical studies, to pursue a career in the field of radiology. “The SHMHF Scholarship has greatly benefited my education thus far as it not only helped lessen my financial costs, but the fact that I even received this award and had people believe in me has inspired me to work hard and aspire to do great things. Thank you so much for your support. I will be forever grateful.”

Brody Murray
Brody is from Scotsburn and is studying a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at St. Francis Xavier University. He is in the Accelerated Option, which means his classes are year-round instead of the usual September-April schedule. He plans to graduate in December 2022.Once he graduates, Brody plans to work as a Registered Nurse at the Aberdeen Hospital. He has not yet made up his mind on what area/type of nursing he would like to work in, but he has his 6-week and 12-week placements coming up in the summer and fall, which should help him decide. On receiving the SHMHF Scholarship, Brody says, “I appreciate receiving this scholarship, as it has helped to reduce my reliance on part-time employment, student loans, etc. in paying for my education. Aside from the financial part of it, it is also helpful to feel supported in completing my education.”